1.         That’s the way our command does it.
2.         It’s not my command’s job.
3.         I didn’t know you wanted it right away.
4.         It wasn’t my fault that it’s late.
5.         That’s not my department.
6.         You’ll have to clear that with my boss.
7.         No one gave me the details.
8.         I’m waiting for approval from my chain of command.
9.         Someone should have told me that piece of information.
10.        Don’t blame me. It was their idea.
11.        I didn’t know.
12.        My boss didn’t want me to answer that question.
13.        I forgot.
14.        I had other priorities.
15.        I thought I told you.
16.        Why didn’t you ask me?
17.        No one told me that I had this action item due today.
18.        My people dropped the ball.
19.        I’m not a core member of this team.
20.        I told someone else to take care of this.

Reference: Many of these excuses were published in “The Oz Principle”, ISBN 1-59184-024-4

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Twenty Tried and Tested Accountability-Avoidance Excuses