A series of communications to help improve engineering and project management teams

Teams and teamwork are often associated with team meetings. Good meetings can lead to a sense
having a good team. Of course, the converse can also be true – bad meetings can create the perception of
a bad team. “Meetings matter because that’s where an organization’s culture perpetuates itself”, says one
senior consultant. “Meetings are how an organization says, ‘You are a member’.”

While meetings are not the primary place where real work gets done, they are a highly visible forum for
exchange, decision making, learning, and sense of belonging. And there is almost always room for
improvement. This series of communications is thus directed at working-level acquisition-related teams
who hold regular team meetings. These materials serve as a “tool” for team members and leaders.

Tool #1: Is This Meeting Necessary?
Tool #2: Meetings to Keep Your Attention
Tool #3: Beyond excuses: meetings to help promote Accountability
Tool #4: Prepare Team Meeting Guidelines
Tool #5: The Importance of Meeting Agendas
Message #6: Bring Your Larger Team Meetings to Order: Robert's Rules
Message #7: Meeting Agendas: Get Beyond the Obvious, Topic Sequence

1. Matson, Eric; The Seven Sins of Deadly Meetings; Fast Company, April 1996 Issue

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