Training Services
Technology Team and Member Training
For engineers, scientists, software developers, technicians, technical
administrators,support analysts, and project managers
(Our experiential education philosophy explained)
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Technology Team and Adopter Training
PPDC delivers hands-on and instructional training workshops and seminars that
are tailored for technical professionals and non-technical staff.  Our material and
approach resonates with the technical mind! Our wide array of offerings is delivered
via classroom and online web servers. From the classroom to the war room, PPDC
training is designed with one purpose — to make you and your organization

Certification Training
PPDC offers a variety of courses that meet the training requirements for DHS
Acquisition Program and Project Managers, as contained in DHS MD 0782, issued
May 26, 2004. These training requirements consist of core and elective courses
specific to each Acquisition Certification level. DHS employees who complete the
selected PPDC courses will meet the training requirements for the designated
certification. DHS employeesshould contact their HCA or designee .

Team Leader Coaching example

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