Workshop - Principles of Systems Engineering
This one-day workshop introduces participants to the concepts
and application of Systems Engineering
. Whether you are
designing a scanner, electric wheelchair, ship, or aircraft, there are
questions you should answer if you want to get the design right the
first time. You need a process to move from a concept to successful
field implementation. This process is variously called “a systems
approach,” or “systems thinking,” or “systems engineering”. You will
gain a basic understanding of the Systems Engineering process,
application, and methodology from which you can become more
valued contributor to product development teams.

After this workshop, learners will be able to:
1. Recite a definition of Systems Engineering
2. Identify the major non-profit organization in Systems Engineering
3. List the major Systems Engineering standards
4. Paraphrase the major activities of a Systems Engineering
5. Explain when to apply Systems Engineering to a project
6. List some of the key Systems Engineering decision activities and
7. Be able to ask intelligent questions about Systems Engineering

"Science determines what IS … component
engineering determines what CAN BE …. systems
engineering determines what SHOULD BE … and
engineering management determines what WILL BE"

[1] Arunski, J.M., P. Brown, and D. Buede, 1999. “Systems engineering overview,” Presentation to the Texas
Board of Professional Engineers.
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