Project Team Facilitation & Coaching
PPDC has assisted project leaders in the more effective utilization
of the talents and time of their project teams, including the use of
6Sigma methods and other scientifically-proven process and
performance improvement methods and techniques.

Typical tasks associated with this type of engagement might include:

1. Facilitation of team meetings including time and topic control
2. Develop and publish team materials such as Charter, key
decisions, issues, action items, design coordination reviews, and
meeting minutes.
3. Coaching of team members to drive individual and collective
responsibility, commitment, and accountability
4. Resolve team problems, issues, and dysfunctions that impede
accomplishment of goals
5. Guide team members in roles and responsibilities development
and adherence to promote empowerment
6. Instruct and train team members in effective team practices and
7. Advise team leaders and project sponsors on methods to
achieve higher order team accomplishments
8. Prepare planning and process documentation to enable team
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