Workshop - Negotiations Skills for Teams
This extremely popular one-day workshop improves your ability as a
tehnical team member to use integrative (i.e., problem solving)
negotiation skills to solve problems, resolve minor conflicts, and
develop successful resolutions and agreements.

Who should consider attending? Technical team members and
leaders who have tried to resolve a conflict, an issue, or reach an
agreement, but didn't feel successful in the agreed upon, negotiated
outcome. Lacking specific skill, many of us negotiate with a seat-of-
the-pants approach, surviving mostly by our wits and quick thinking.
Nearly everyone can benefit from learning basic techniques and
practicing in a safe environment!

Workshop approach. Employing brief lecture and role-play practice
exercises, this workshop will help you learn the basic elements of
successful negotiation: aspiration points, reservation points,
BATNA, and concession patterns. In our product /project teams,
when do we negotiate? All the time - when we can’t agree; when we’
re in conflict; when we have differing objectives; when we have
differing points of view.
What do we negotiate? Things like technical
parameters, schedules, tasks, scope, and cost.

Negotiations are a particular kind of decision making problem
where we have interdependencies that are not mutually exclusive.
Negotiations are a skill and must be practiced to improve. There is
no “cookbook” approach! Learn how to handle yourself in situations
that demand a negotiation to reach agreement.
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