Engagement - Integrated Data Environments
PPDC has worked with many firms on the needs assessments,
design alternatives, and implementation of software-based
Integrated Data Environment (IDE) solutions.

Tasks associated with this type of engagement have included:

1. Evaluation of end user-target audience needs and expectations
through interviews and online data collection techniques.
2. Development of requirements and related descriptive
documentation for use by software developers.
3. Deployment planning for effective rollout and release.
4. Pre-deployment test and evaluation against requirements.
5. Development of policies and procedures, e.g., for naming
conventions, account establishment and management.
6. Collection and evaluation of user feedback and improvement
7. Observation of live user engagements to measure the activities,
steps, and effectiveness of the deployed solution.
8. Communication to user community to set the stage for meeting
their expectations.
9. New and refresher curriculum development for instructor-led and
online user training and education.
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