Workshop - Creative Problem Solving Skills
The goal of this one-day workshop is to improve the learner’s
creative problem solving and listening skills to improve the speed
and quality of problem solving and decision making in a technical
team setting.

After completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Define the key problem solving and decision making processes
and steps employed by Product Teams
2. Explain their individual problem solving tendency and style, and
utilize different styles and approaches to improve their methods
3. Know how to apply more creative ways of examining and solving
4. Know how to apply novel individual and group
problem solving
methods and techniques for use in their teams
5. Explain and utilize to advantage the effect of teams versus
individuals in the quantity and quality of creative problem solving
6. Explain the critical elements of good listening, share awareness
of their own listening practices, and apply improved listening skills
to problem solving situations
7. Share an example of how a world-class organization and team
can succeed using improved listening and problem solving

Topic example - Creative Problem Solving Styles
Instructor will administer the Creative Roles Analysis Instrument,
which provides an assessment of each person’s personal creative
thinking style. The purpose of this topic is to enable the participant
to understand their own style used in solving problems (artist,
inventor, entrepreneur, engineer), and to learn about the styles of
others in the workshop, on their teams, and on technical teams at
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