Client Feedback
Some examples of written feedback from our clients:

- "Great workshop that would be helpful for all HQ staffs in all line of
work" (US government agency)
-  "Great program", "fantastic course" "fun and pertinent"
-  "Interesting and engaging presenter"
-  "Mr. Dominik is highly enthusiastic, very well prepared and truly
enjoys what he is doing...and it shows. What also helps is his
current knowledge of [development] programs"
- "Excellent instructor - use him more in real world settings, not just
training" (Booz Allen Hamilton)
- "I’d like to comment on is the fact that you are a superb speaker!  
You keep the audience engaged, thoroughly answer their
questions, and don’t seem to be bothered when interrupted.  Your
knowledge and confidence in the material you present is well
projected" (Northrop Grumman)
- "Mike-your course was excellent", "You have the perfect
temperament to teach these kind of classes.  Thanks so much, I
really got a lot out of it.  I will look forward to taking more of your
classes." (Lockheed Martin)
-  "Mike's teaching manner and delivery make a class challenging"
-  "Very good interaction between group and seminar leader"
-  "Great course" [Best part] "Mike! Kept us focused. Kept the
program moving with a sense of humor"
- "Sequence of events and combination of media were well planned
and executed"
- "I was so stimulated by your class and the positive interaction"
-  "Mike is able to engage the listener - so this leads to a very two-
way, participative experience - great way to learn"
-  "Mike made the course fun as well as a great learning experience"
-  "This was an extremely worthwhile training session!"
-  "Mike is a highly effective facilitator", "Make this training available to
others at CG HQ" (US Coast Guard)
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